Rat-Tail Cactus

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Rat-Tail Cactus or Disocactus Flagelliformis Barthlott is distinctive for its long, trailing stems with short, fine spines, which grow to about 4 feet at maturity and give the plants its nickname. Rat-Tail Cactus flowers in Spring and early Summer. Its blooms are usually violet-red. However, sometimes the plant will grow flowers in idiosyncratic colors like pink and orange. The flowers are usually plentiful, tubular and fairly large, about 2 inches wide each. Rat-Tail Cactus will make a beautiful display in hanging pots or baskets because of its trailing stems. It prefers bright, direct light, regular watering during growing season. Scale back water during Fall and Winter when plants rest. Regular room temperatures are fine for indoor conditions, for outdoor growing it is a fairly hardy cactus that can tolerate temperatures between 40 and 90 degrees. Keep it out of frost. Rich organic potting mix is fine, fertilize every two weeks during growing season with solution diluted to half strength.

The plant you receive will be a rooted cutting between 4" and 7" tall. The plant you receive will differ from the pictured plant.


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