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Staghorn Fern

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Staghorn Ferns are stunning and easy to care for, no wonder they are so popular. They like bright, indirect, or diffused light to thrive. Protect from direct sun. 

Watering Regimen:

Misting your Staghorn Fern

 Use a spray-bottle that emits a fine, ambient mist, such as a brass mister.

  • Mist the entire plant, focusing on the underside of the antler fronds and the shield fronds.


Soaking your Staghorn Fern

  • Dunk your Staghorn Fern in a sink or basin of water for about a minute, or until the plant's roots are fully saturated
  • Alternately, place the plaque it may be attached to in a sink or bathtub tap, and allow room-temperature water to run through the root ball until it is saturated.
  • Allow your plant to drip dry before re-hanging.

The more humid the surroundings the less watering is needed. Plants do not tolerate over-watering. Staghorn Ferns are surprisingly cold-hardy, but for optimal growth, the temperature should not be allowed to drop below 50 degrees or above 100 degrees. Feed your Staghorn Fern monthly during periods of active growth (spring and summer). Use a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer (ratio of 1:1:1). During periods of dormancy (fall and winter), reduce fertilizing to every other month.


The plant you will receive is growing in a 4" pot.



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